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Recessed Lighting

By combining form and function, recessed lighting gives your home a fresh new look. In addition to highlighting a room’s best features, well-placed lights can improve the lighting in poorly lit areas as well as add a decorative element to a room.

We can repair or install new accent lights for you at your local Stone Electric store. For fast and friendly service, contact Stone Electric.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

The trims and housings of recessed lighting are recessed into the ceiling rather than being visible on the surface. A fixture holds the bulb inside the housing’s ceiling. When you look up at the fixture, you can see the trim.

You will need three different kinds of lighting to design a thoughtful lighting plan for your home:

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Task Lighting

Our recessed lights come with a variety of combinations of fixtures, trims, and bulbs, as well as a variety of controls. There are times when existing switches in a home were not designed with much consideration for how the space would be used and don’t make much sense. 


Our lighting control options include standard switches, dimmers, and WiFi-enabled controls that work with other components of your Smart Home and let you control your lights anywhere.


Stone Electric can help you modernize the look of your home. We can design, install, and maintain the lighting needs of your home. For more information about Stone Electric, please call 516-458-6592

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