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Never be in the dark again!

Does your family have a plan in place for the event of a power outage in your home? If you do not, you could get stuck in the dark. In the event of an emergency, a home backup generator can keep your family’s power on keeping your home and family safe.

We handle everything from the permits to the installation to the plumbing. One call does it all with Stone Electric.

You can reach Stone Electric online or by phone at (516)458-6592 for in-person generator advice, sizing, and installation help now.

Nassau Generac Generator
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Nassau County Generac Generator

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

Fuel (gasoline, diesel, or natural gas) is converted into mechanical energy with the help of a heavy-duty, recharging battery. You can stay safe and comfortable in an outage by using a home generator. Our Generators can provide power for refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, furnaces, stoves, lights, fans, and more in case of an emergency.

The following situations make home generators useful:

  • Blackouts
    Extreme temperatures can prevent the power grid from producing enough energy to meet demand.
  • Inclement Weather
    such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, and heavy winds can destroy power lines and damage transformers.
  • Damage from Animals
    Animals are the second leading cause of power outages behind severe weather.
  • Natural Disasters
    including earthquakes, floods, and fires cause power outages for millions of people every year.
  • Auto Accidents
    Collisions with power poles damage electrical equipment, resulting in unplanned outages.
  • Medical Emergencies
    Life support systems, or any other medical devices.


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