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Clients Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Good. We got some of the wiring fixed and we’re going to schedule another visit to complete the work. Very professional!

Brian S. Home Electrical

He was fantastic. Can't recommend him enough. I will only be calling him from now on.

Home Advisor
Chad P. Light Fixture Installation

This is a small, owner-operated business. We received a prompt call back with a two-hour window for a free estimate. Ryan Stone arrived on time. He is polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We hired Ryan on the spot. He did an excellent job and provided some tips about how to provide the best lighting solutions for a very dark staircase.

Laura M. Light Fixture

    Upgraded our panel to 200Amp. Good work and good price. Would recommend.

    Ling F Electrical Paneling

    Excellent service. Worked efficiently. Arrived within 1.5 hours despite the snow and sleet.

    Stacy R. Electrical Wiring

    Justin was very professional. I was impressed with his communication and the return call back from his office. The problem was fixed quickly.

    Home Advisor
    Lisa S. Outlet Repair

      Experience Our Fast, Reliable & Affordable Home Generator Installation Services In Manhasset, NY

      What would happen if you went days or weeks without power? What would your daily schedule entail? You couldn’t make phone calls, and your food would rot. However, if you had a trustworthy backup power source, you wouldn’t need to alter your regular schedule.

      The most popular brand of home backup generators on the market, Generac generators are proudly offered by our Stone Electric electricians in NY. We install the most robust and dependable systems on the market because we want you and your family to be comfortable at all times!

      Our licensed generator installation specialists in Nassau County will make sure everything is set up correctly and securely the first time. An authorized Generac dealer, Stone Electric provides preventive maintenance programs, repairs, and generator installation in Manhasset, NY.

      Our top goals are providing great service and ensuring client satisfaction, therefore when we design the installation of your whole home generator in Manhasset, NY, we take into account a number of crucial variables.

      Installation Of High-Quality Generators In Manhasset, NY

      One of the best investments you can make for the comfort and improvement of your home in NY is the installation of a home generator. A family-run business, Stone Electric, is pleased to serve Manhasset, NY, by offering superior home backup power solutions and preventive maintenance programs.

      Our knowledgeable team works to offer reasonable generator servicing and solutions. If a problem arises or if you need warranty repair, our Generac generator service specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who will service your generator.

      Trust Our Professional Team For Generator Installation Services!

      Keeping a pleasant and healthy home even in the worst situations is one of a homeowner’s most important considerations. You may be confident that you will always have a dependable energy source by installing a house generator, regardless of the weather or other circumstances.

      The results aren’t that bad with a generator installed on your property because you still have the backup power available to carry out your everyday tasks without any problems!

      With the help of our Generac whole-house generator, you can keep your family comfy! When there is a power loss brought on by inclement weather or another disruption, our Generac generator starts up right away.

      Don’t worry the power supply transition will be seamless and won’t have an impact on your home’s ability to cook, light, or refrigerate food. Contact Stone Electric in Nassau County to arrange for the installation of your home generator.

      Stone Electric Is The Ultimate Choice For Generac Generator Installation In Manhasset, NY

      After faithfully serving NY for decades, we have established a fantastic reputation. We have years of experience installing, maintaining, and fixing generators, and we apply that knowledge and experience to every project. In Manhasset and NY, we are also an accredited Generac dealer.

      We place a high priority on providing industry-leading service and great quality because we take Generac generator maintenance seriously. We take the time to discuss your needs with our electricians in Manhasset, NY to make sure you obtain the most dependable backup generator for your house.

      Situations In Which Generator Installation Will Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

      A provider of residential and commercial power solutions in Manhasset, NY, is Stone Electric. We handle correct equipment installation, adapt our approach to your particular requirements and objectives, and provide a satisfaction guarantee for our services.

      We look forward to providing unmatched value and long-term solutions to secure your home or place of business. You can benefit from our performance-driven generator installation services in the following circumstances:

      • If a power outage/failure occurs, power is delivered quickly and automatically.
      • Maintain a uniform temperature by running heating and cooling units continuously.
      • Refrigerators and freezers continue to operate normally, avoiding food spoilage.
      • Self-diagnosis provides alerts and promotes dependability.
      • The system works indefinitely without the need for refueling.
      • Continue to enjoy using appliances.
      • During severe weather, sump pumps are activated.
      • Select whether to run individual systems or the entire house or building.
      • During power outages, protect against surges, spikes, and brownouts.
      • The utility does not receive power until the voltage has stabilized.
      • No need to look for a backup energy source during an emergency.
      • Instead of going to a hotel, stay on the premises.

      Need Generator Installation In Manhasset, NY? Get Services From Our Reputable Electricians!

      Our qualified, insured, and bonded electricians in Nassau County are here to help, whether you need electrical assurance for a residential property or a commercial establishment.

      For more information or to schedule your upcoming electrical service appointment, contact our electricians who handle generator maintenance at 516-862-8346 right now.

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      Generac Generator Nassau County
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      Generators for the home can range from $200 to $20,000, and installation costs are not included. The installation and purchase costs of a whole house generator range from $10,000 to $20,000. That being said, home generators can be found for under $200.
      It is possible to operate household equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, well pumps, and lighting circuits with a generator rated between 5,000 and 7,500 watts. These appliances can all be run simultaneously by a generator with 7500 running watts.
      Ensure that any wiring connecting the generator to electric circuits is done by a licensed electrician. Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by the manufacturer before connecting your generator to your electrical system. Make sure you use a heavy-duty extension cord to connect electric appliances to the generator.
      You should never run a generator in an enclosed area or indoors. Make sure the generator is placed at least 20 feet away from your house with the exhaust directed away from windows and doors.

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