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EV Charging

Early adoption of electric vehicles has been hindered by the lack of EV charging stations, which are cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective than gas-powered vehicles. With our EV charging infrastructure, we are creating a reliable and accessible charging experience for EV drivers in the nation, while also improving air quality. With the industry’s best customer service and innovative software services, we are able to provide our customers with scalable solutions and vertically integrated installations at no upfront cost.

We can repair or install new accent lights for you at your local Stone Electric store. For fast and friendly service, contact Stone Electric.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

By installing electric vehicle charging stations at your properties, we incentivize property owners like you to go green. A number of benefits are available to site owners, including:

  • Longer Battery Life with a Home Electric Car Charger
  •  An EVSE Can Save You Money Over Time
  • You produce Lower emissions

Is one of your goals to purchase or own an electric car soon? If you use an electric car charger, you won’t have to wait for your battery to charge. Having the opportunity to charge the vehicle at night will allow you to spend more time driving in the morning. It is Stone Electric’s privilege to work with a variety of high-quality and durable brands.

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