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Good. We got some of the wiring fixed and we’re going to schedule another visit to complete the work. Very professional!

Brian S. Home Electrical

He was fantastic. Can't recommend him enough. I will only be calling him from now on.

Home Advisor
Chad P. Light Fixture Installation

This is a small, owner-operated business. We received a prompt call back with a two-hour window for a free estimate. Ryan Stone arrived on time. He is polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We hired Ryan on the spot. He did an excellent job and provided some tips about how to provide the best lighting solutions for a very dark staircase.

Laura M. Light Fixture

    Upgraded our panel to 200Amp. Good work and good price. Would recommend.

    Ling F Electrical Paneling

    Excellent service. Worked efficiently. Arrived within 1.5 hours despite the snow and sleet.

    Stacy R. Electrical Wiring

    Justin was very professional. I was impressed with his communication and the return call back from his office. The problem was fixed quickly.

    Home Advisor
    Lisa S. Outlet Repair

      Experience Fast & Professional Service From Licensed Local Electricians In Roslyn, NY

      Are you looking for reliable local electricians in Roslyn, NY? Looking for a trustworthy expert who can provide high-quality professional service at a reasonable price?

      There is no doubt that our licensed electrician at Stone Electric in NY is the best in the industry. We are safe, friendly, clean, and most importantly, we provide a high standard of professional service to all local families and businesses, especially in emergencies.

      Rely On A Local Electrician At Stone Electric

      Our team is local! There are many electrical hazards that can be stressful and dangerous, including electrical fires and tripped circuits, to name a few. In that case, it’s best to have someone familiar with your neighborhood and the applicable building codes in Roslyn, NY handle it.

      In Stone Electric, we know and understand what the electrical service code and regulations are. As a result, we concentrate on providing reliable and efficient electrical work as well as excellent customer service.

      We provide electrical installation services in Nassau County for commercial and industrial properties. Each market requires different electrical services, and our local electricians in NY are familiar with the demands and the differences.

      With many years of experience in the electrical industry, our Roslyn, NY electrical technician is friendly and highly knowledgeable. In an emergency, our local electrician will respond faster than someone from out of town.

      With our fully qualified and trusted electricians in Nassau County, you can receive a wide range of high-quality electrical services. We provide you with diligent and caring electrical installation technicians in Roslyn, NY, who will assist you along the way. Regardless of your electrical needs, we can handle them all.

      Need Local Electricians? We’ll Be There Right Away

      As a 24-hour electrician service, our local electricians are proud to provide you with professional service. In Roslyn, NY, our electricians are well-trained and accredited to handle electrical emergencies.

      Whatever your electrical problem is, our fully-equipped local electrician will respond immediately to any NY region. Time is of the essence, so we guarantee on-time electricians or free service.

      Principles Of Our Electrical Services

      1) We Are Punctual

      You can trust our licensed electricians in Roslyn, NY to work according to your schedule. You can count on us to arrive on time if you make an appointment with us. As we wouldn’t want someone to abandon us, we won’t abandon you either.

      2) We Value Our Customers

      Our local electricians will arrive in a clean uniform and wear shoe covers when working within your home. Our goal is to treat you with friendliness and respect and to answer any questions you may have in a simple manner.

      3) Workmanship & Quality Parts

      We care about your safety. It is our goal to deliver the promised results by completing electrical work with the right equipment. No shortcuts are taken; we follow the latest electrical code.

      4) Quick & Efficient Electrical Services

      In NY, our team of prestigious residential electrical company experts will complete the repairs with the utmost quality.

      Once we’re done, you can rely on us to clean up after ourselves and leave the area as if nothing had happened so that you can get back to your regular schedule as soon as possible.

      5) Reasonable Pricing

      Stone Electric prides itself on being open and honest with customers in Roslyn, NY.

      Whenever someone contacts us with a home electrical problem, a free quote is provided. Any question you have about our services, including how much they cost, can be answered by our local electrician. If you would like to know exactly what to expect, we are happy to discuss the upfront cost with you.

      Contact Our Trusted And Insured Local Electrician In Roslyn, NY

      Is there something you’d like to know or a concern you have? Is there an upcoming electrical project you need assistance with in Nassau County? Feel free to contact us at 516-458-6592, and we will respond as soon as possible.

      Nassau County Generac Generator
      Nassau Electrician

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      In addition to installing outlets according to code, electricians can explain any additional requirements of your project and obtain any necessary permits from your local authorities. Usually, replacing an existing outlet with a similar one is a simple process.
      The cost of replacing or installing a standard outlet ranges from $125 to $175. In the United States, the average price for installing a new outlet can range from $100 to $500, depending on its complexity.
      Electricians are required to know several technical skills. Such as, the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, devices, and systems. Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and drills, such as screwdrivers and pliers, need to be used and maintained. Installing and repairing wiring systems. Conduit installation, cable installation, and tubing installation.
      Electricians typically use needle-nose pliers, side-cutting pliers, and reaming pliers as their primary tools. It is always necessary for electricians to carry a variety of screwdrivers to loosen or fasten different types of hardware.