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Good. We got some of the wiring fixed and we’re going to schedule another visit to complete the work. Very professional!

Brian S. Home Electrical

He was fantastic. Can't recommend him enough. I will only be calling him from now on.

Home Advisor
Chad P. Light Fixture Installation

This is a small, owner-operated business. We received a prompt call back with a two-hour window for a free estimate. Ryan Stone arrived on time. He is polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We hired Ryan on the spot. He did an excellent job and provided some tips about how to provide the best lighting solutions for a very dark staircase.

Laura M. Light Fixture

    Upgraded our panel to 200Amp. Good work and good price. Would recommend.

    Ling F Electrical Paneling

    Excellent service. Worked efficiently. Arrived within 1.5 hours despite the snow and sleet.

    Stacy R. Electrical Wiring

    Justin was very professional. I was impressed with his communication and the return call back from his office. The problem was fixed quickly.

    Home Advisor
    Lisa S. Outlet Repair

      Our Top-Rated Electrical Company Offers Exceptional Electrical Services In Port Washington North, NY

      Looking for a leading electrical installation, repair, and maintenance company in Port Washington North, NY? You can count on Stone Electric for all your residential and commercial electrical project requirements in Nassau County. 

      It is our company’s responsibility to troubleshoot electrical problems, install interior and exterior lighting, upgrade electrical panels, and perform other electrical services.

      The house you live in is your haven! It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day. For this reason, you should ensure that your home is safe and has the latest electrical installations. 

      We As a certified residential and commercial electrical company with many years of experience in Port Washington North, NY, we take pride in providing quality services to our customers.

      On our previous and current projects, we have provided the highest level of artistry and attention to detail based on our experience and knowledge of the electrical industry.

      We Offer Amazing Services

      1) Electrical Panel Upgrade

      Electricity is distributed throughout your home by your electrical panel. Fast and affordable electrical installation services are provided by our reputable electrical company Stone Electric in Port Washington North, NY.

      It’s time to upgrade your electrical panel if you haven’t already. Electrical panels that are faulty or outdated can lead to dangerous conditions in your home. You can ensure that your home is safe for modern appliances and electronics with an upgrade to your electrical panel.

      2) Wiring & Rewiring of Electrical Systems

      Make sure your home’s electrical wiring is up-to-date and can meet your family’s requirements. A home that is older may not have updated wiring.

      From small appliances to high-powered electronics, our qualified electricians in Nassau County can update your home’s wiring.

      3) Generator Installation

      It is a must-have item for any homeowner to own a backup generator. Choosing a generator that fits your power needs is crucial.

      In the event that your power goes out, you can keep your home running by using a backup generator. We provide high-quality generator installation services in Nassau County through our skilled and licensed electricians.

      4) Electrical Safety Inspections

      It is important to have your home’s electrical system inspected on a regular basis. Your home will be safe and compliant with all current electrical codes if you have an electrical safety inspection.

      Electrical safety inspections are conducted by certified electricians at Stone Electric located at Port Washington North and NY.

      5) Lighting Design & Installation

      Lighting is an essential element of any home, both inside and outside. In addition to creating a soothing environment, it can also be used to highlight your favorite features.

      In Port Washington North, NY, our licensed and insured interior and exterior lighting electricians can help you choose the right type of lighting for your home and install it efficiently and effectively.

      Get Installation And Repair Services From Our Trusted Electricians In Port Washington North, NY

      The best way to ensure your home’s electrical system is running smoothly is to leave it to our local electricians in NY. You can rely on our certified technicians to ensure that your home is safe and compliant with all current electrical codes.

      We at Stone Electric offer you the following advantages when you hire our trusted electricians for a fast and reliable electrical job:

      1) Time-Saving: Typically, our trustworthy electricians in Nassau County can complete a job faster than you could.

      2) Safety First: All of our electricians are top-rated and have extensive experience installing and repairing electric systems safely. As a team, we understand how to protect your home from accidents and keep it technologically advanced.

      3) Sense Of Security: By hiring our trusted electricians in NY, you can be certain the job will be done right on the first try. Wiring will not be faulty or cause dangerous accidents.

      4) Qualified: All electrical work is performed by certified and qualified electricians. It is their experience and expertise that ensure a flawless completion of the job.

      5) Up-To-Date: All of our electricians in NY stay up-to-date with the latest electrical trends and technologies. In both residential and commercial construction, they know what is new and what is suitable.

      Contact Us Right Now!

      We provide quick and affordable electrician services for residential and commercial homes and businesses. Call Stone Electric in Port Washington North, NY today.

      We provide licensed and certified electricians who are ready to assist you and will make every effort to match or beat the prices of our competitors. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We offer free estimates at 516-458-6592.

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      In addition to installing outlets according to code, electricians can explain any additional requirements of your project and obtain any necessary permits from your local authorities. Usually, replacing an existing outlet with a similar one is a simple process.
      The cost of replacing or installing a standard outlet ranges from $125 to $175. In the United States, the average price for installing a new outlet can range from $100 to $500, depending on its complexity.
      Electricians are required to know several technical skills. Such as, the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, devices, and systems. Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and drills, such as screwdrivers and pliers, need to be used and maintained. Installing and repairing wiring systems. Conduit installation, cable installation, and tubing installation.
      Electricians typically use needle-nose pliers, side-cutting pliers, and reaming pliers as their primary tools. It is always necessary for electricians to carry a variety of screwdrivers to loosen or fasten different types of hardware.