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Good. We got some of the wiring fixed and we’re going to schedule another visit to complete the work. Very professional!

Brian S. Home Electrical

He was fantastic. Can't recommend him enough. I will only be calling him from now on.

Home Advisor
Chad P. Light Fixture Installation

This is a small, owner-operated business. We received a prompt call back with a two-hour window for a free estimate. Ryan Stone arrived on time. He is polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We hired Ryan on the spot. He did an excellent job and provided some tips about how to provide the best lighting solutions for a very dark staircase.

Laura M. Light Fixture

    Upgraded our panel to 200Amp. Good work and good price. Would recommend.

    Ling F Electrical Paneling

    Excellent service. Worked efficiently. Arrived within 1.5 hours despite the snow and sleet.

    Stacy R. Electrical Wiring

    Justin was very professional. I was impressed with his communication and the return call back from his office. The problem was fixed quickly.

    Home Advisor
    Lisa S. Outlet Repair

      Bet On Our Insured & Licensed Commercial Electricians For Unmatched Assistance In Garden City South, NY

      Is your company interested in investing in energy-efficient electrical projects? Is the electrical code something your business needs to comply with? Is your commercial electrical system in need of repair? No need to look further! Contact Stone Electric in Garden City South, NY if you need a commercial electrician.

      With our commercial electricians in Nassau County, you can get the best electrical installations and renovations for your business, home, or industrial property.

      Stone Electric’s electricians in NY can handle all of your electrical needs, big or small. An inexperienced electrical contractor should not be assigned to work on your company’s electrical system since it is crucial to its operation, comfort, and success.

      Parking lot lighting, loose connections, and other commercial electrical repair services are handled by our commercial and residential electrical company experts in Garden City South, NY. Our commercial electrical installations are affordable and fast in Garden City South, NY.

      Explore Our Expertise With Commercial Electricians

      Stone Electric offers top-rated commercial electricians in Garden City South, NY, who have years of experience in commercial maintenance. All of our electricians are certified and have received extensive training.

      1) Network Wiring

      In business, communication is crucial. Our first-rate business services will take care of this. Our electrical installation services take network requirements into account and create suitable wiring networks in Garden City South and NY.

      2) Lighting Upgrades

      Long-term financial savings can be obtained by changing fuses and improving your lighting. Your company’s lighting expenses may drop by up to 75% if LED lighting were installed. The professionals at our commercial electrician services company can help with updating the lighting system.

      3) Surge Protection Devices

      Companies must protect their assets. You’ll incur losses if a surge damages your equipment. Surge protectors are installed by our qualified commercial electricians to safeguard your equipment.

      4) Generators For Commercial Use

      You’ll need a backup plan if your power goes out. A commercial generator in the office can be useful in allowing your employees to continue working even if the power goes out. Our dependable commercial electricians in Nassau County install a reliable commercial generator for trouble-free office operations.

      A Highly Skilled Commercial Electrician Is At Your Doorstep!

      When it comes to rewiring your office or any other commercial property, why take any chances? If you don’t use a licensed electrical lighting contractor, you run the risk of hurting your property and your health. Fortunately, Stone Electric in Garden City South, NY, has licensed commercial electricians available to help.

      Electrical systems that are inefficient can present serious safety issues. The electrical system in your commercial building may survive longer if it is maintained. For electrical installations or repairs in business buildings like office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, or residential complexes, we offer commercial electrician services.

      While other companies will only handle modest and straightforward structures, our electrical installation services pros can manage all wiring and installations for such commercial establishments. To save time and money, select Stone Electric in NY for cost-effective and reliable commercial electrical contractor service.

      Why Should You Hire Stone Electric As Your Commercial Electrical Company?

      Electrical system installation in commercial buildings is a specialized job requiring expertise, skill, and knowledge of electrical systems and accessories. Our certified electricians in Nassau County have years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of commercial buildings and can provide all kinds of commercial electrical services.

      In Garden City South, NY, we are the best choice for commercial electricians. So, if you have an issue with electrical wiring or insulation in your commercial property, contact our trusted electricians at Stone Electric immediately.

      Let Our Commercial Electrician Get Your Job Done Right!

      Our certified electricians in the NY region are ready to assist you with all of your commercial service needs. If it doesn’t function properly, we’ll come back and fix it for free. 

      Contact our trusted electricians today on 516-458-6592 to receive expert electrical services. Our licensed commercial and residential electrical company cares about the safety and dignity of your homes and businesses.

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      Nassau Electrician

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      In addition to installing outlets according to code, electricians can explain any additional requirements of your project and obtain any necessary permits from your local authorities. Usually, replacing an existing outlet with a similar one is a simple process.
      The cost of replacing or installing a standard outlet ranges from $125 to $175. In the United States, the average price for installing a new outlet can range from $100 to $500, depending on its complexity.
      Electricians are required to know several technical skills. Such as, the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, devices, and systems. Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and drills, such as screwdrivers and pliers, need to be used and maintained. Installing and repairing wiring systems. Conduit installation, cable installation, and tubing installation.
      Electricians typically use needle-nose pliers, side-cutting pliers, and reaming pliers as their primary tools. It is always necessary for electricians to carry a variety of screwdrivers to loosen or fasten different types of hardware.